Passive Income – How to Earn Money Even When You Do NOT Work

By Floyd Taylor

September 22, 2018

Passive income is basically a different way of saying: “make money without working.”But there is something important that I must emphasize before you confuse the concept.

Generating passive income is not waiting for money to fall from the sky. The idea is structuring an income stream, so that it can reach our bank accounts or wallets,

 without us doing anything for it.But in principle, a passive income requires a lot of work.People who create a passive income, are seen working hard for days, weeks,

 months and even years  until everything is ready for the thing to work automatically.Now, a passive income is not necessarily something that is generated constant and resonant.

That is, if you make $ 100 this month, the other $ 80 and the other $ 104 . it’s fine, as long as said money does not require your time.In simple words,

 I will put a phrase by Steve Pavlina, which explains very well the difference between a normal income, and a passive income.

How to Create a Passive Income

Now, this sounds great, however, it seems an arduous and difficult process And in fact, to a certain extent, it is.But I do not think it’s more difficult than working for an active income in a little more time.

Let me explain: If you are an employee, you will usually have to dedicate 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, to structure the income of another person, with your work whatever it is I believe that to create a passive income, it would not take more than 2 to 4 hours a day. Or maximum 6 if you have good free time.When I started my first Passive Income project online, I spent 10 or 12 hours a day.But this was because I wanted to finish faster and because I was passionate about it.Of course, you must choose something that you like,
and apart from that be profitable.But the most important thing is that creating and structuring a passive income is much less work, than enriching another with a job.And in fact, if you have a job right now, you can start creating wealth in your free time.It only takes commitment.

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