Sales (Royalties) Of A Product

By Floyd Taylor

September 22, 2018

If you write a book, you try very hard once. But then, you can sell it for years. Even, depending on how good your book is, people who at the time of writing, have not been born.They will read it (like Shakespeare, or Cervantes).And no, it does not necessarily have to be a book what you believe, it can be a product of any kind, preferably an information product, that can be replicated without effort.As in my case currently, a book or digital courses. A digital book, for example, allows you to make sales without much effort. Because you will not need a production system that generates a new item every time a buyer arrives. Replicating a digital file requires zero effort, and a few seconds of time.The important thing of selling a product automatically :

  • Is that you can get people interested, through a good promotion system.
  • There are very effective and free promotion systems (like a blog) but they require a lot of effort at the beginning.
  • And there are also effective systems, but they cost money as long as they work (like Internet advertising).
  • If you stop paying, you stop winning … They are simply alternatives.

A Business Or Company

  • And finally, the most typical example is a business or company that you have created, until you can sustain yourself without your attention.
  • If not, then a company will simply be another way to have a job, only now your bosses … are your customers.
  • Do not confuse being an entrepreneur, with being free. There is a huge difference.
  • Final Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Finally, I must say that it is NOT possible to dedicate 100% to create a Passive Income unless you have a good economic support.
  • Passive income is NOT the immediate alternative to a job, if you want to leave your job, create a business, or a company and start to get customers and sales.
  • What’s more, if you find it very risky to leave your job now, dedicate yourself to creating a passive income in your free time (even at night) and after a certain period of time has passed, and you have more than one income, you can withdraw.

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